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العدد الخاص بمعرض E3

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* إلعب بالرجل العنكبوت كما لم تفعل من قبل

* خمس شخصيات لايسعنا الانتظار لنراها في Dragon ball fighterZ

* تحليل E3 لهذا العام في 45 نقطة 

* Super mario odyssey ورحلة نينتندو نحو التغيير 

* إعادة إحياء أسطورة Shadow of the colossus

* إختيارنا لأفضل 5 ألعاب في E3 2017 
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    1. Sep27Phil From the (gay) blogger Andrew Sullivan [with my additions]:The point of the gay rights movement is not to make everyone gay; it is to help everyone be themselves, to expand the possibilities of a fulfilling, loved life for more human beings. If that means some gays really want to marry women [or remain single], and they are not deceiving anyone [including themselves], it’s totally their choice – and their right not to be mocked for it.VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 13 votes)

    2. I’ve spoken in a couple venues for young adults 18-25 years of age. I’ve asked how many of them have had best friends of the opposite sex. Most if not all raised their hand. Then I asked if in the course of that friendship, they, or their friends became attracted to each other. Every hand went back up.Friends? Sure. Best friends? Almost guaranteed to complicate things…particularly when one or both get married.

    3. Massima solidarietà (se si può usare ancora questa parola), ci sono “idee” becere che aspettano i momenti di silenzio per rialzare la testa.Tra queste il fatto che le nostre tradizioni cristiane siano l’ultimo baluardo contro l’anarchia dilagante.Quindi da difendere a spada tratta e con ogni mezzo.Quando sento queste cose quasi mi vergogno di essere credente.Posso condividere su buzz-google plus?

    4. When you get to a certain stage in your life, I think it’s normal to think like you do. (Or perhaps I’m ready for the butterfly truck too??!) Maybe that’s what being grown up means, only nobody’s ever told us…I can’t speak for your career choice, except that I’m sure if you think about the hell you’d be going through right now at your old job, you’ll be happy about that choice again! I guess I am a living example of someone who’s happy with her career choice (finally – it took a looong time, that!). Better times will always come Kathy! :hug:

    5. What planet do the skeptics actually live on. Have they examined the results of the experiments carried out and reported by Hagelstein and Swartz at MIT? If they had this business would finally be put to rest. The effect is real, heat output is correlates with helium production. Let’s cut out the bullshit and full speed ahead with development the skeptics be damned.

    6. Obama’s instincts are pure ‘Chicago,’ where there isn’t REALLY any “opposition.” From the little bit we know about him, he’s never really had to prove himself – – – the Chicago political mob has always made credible challengers disappear, he’s always had a sycophantic press corps there to run interference for him. In a way, he’s like the 5 star high school football recruit who’s been told all his life that his poop doesn’t stink, who’s never had to answer for his conduct … and then is shocked when he finally gets to the point where society says “No more.”

    7. The Food: What’s a festival without incredible food? This year’s festival will once again feature mobile eateries from 12 local establishments. Whether your stomach is rumbling for quesadillas, barbecue, wood-fired pizza or a cool, healthy smoothie, you won’t go hungry at the Scottsdale Arts Festival.

    8. Hehe! That’s funny you say that, because Rachelle, who is originally Matt’s friend, replied to an earlier comment of Matt’s on the same photo, saying “I’m a little in love with your girlfriend.” So now you three may need to fight over me I can very much understand The Price Problem. I have my own such temptations. (Oh, raw sunflower lecithin, how I covet thee!) But seriously, coconut oil = healthtastic AND oh-my-god-please-slather-this-all-over-my-body-delicious (you, Matt, or Rachelle, that is; you guys decide who’ll do the deed )

    9. Abito nelle vicinanze e stamattina sono passato a vedere andando in ufficio: una bolgia! Non riescono a completare le riprese perchè le macchine vogliono, giustamente, passare. Ci sono molte macchine parcheggiate di chi non ha visto il segnale e si stanno affannando per farle rimuovere altrimenti restano in campo. Assurdo.

    10. Hate to pee on anyones parade but, so what…?This is an excerpt of OLD laws using the old laws terminology and as has been seen going back to the 1790's, "natural" and "native" were used interchangeably by judges, lawyers and legislators.All this shows is that it was written so no one would think "AH HA…one but not the other"Unless of course you're Leo…..So, no "Ah Ha" moment, lets see what tomorrow brings in Georgia.

    11. Thanks for your write-up. Another factor is that being photographer requires not only difficulties in capturing award-winning photographs and also hardships in getting the best camera suited to your requirements and most especially challenges in maintaining the quality of your camera. This really is very true and evident for those photography fans that are into capturing the nature’s engaging scenes : the mountains, the particular forests, the wild or seas. Going to these amazing places absolutely requires a dslr camera that can surpass the wild’s severe areas.

    12. You also get to feel elegant and pampered in ways that you don’t always get from other brands. – i can so relate to this! my hubby frowns when i buy premium (pricey) make up, he even shows me pics of typhoon victims at home (PH), to make me feel guilty but but chanel make me feel special you know..

    13. Imam veliko zanimanje za računala i zrakoplova , a posebno vojne zrakoplove . Ja planiram napraviti računalni inženjering i biti uključeni u projektiranje vojnih zrakoplova ( zrakoplova računalo ) .. Moram znati da liUS Air Force treba računalnih inženjera i ako da , bitračunalni inženjer se nosio uniformu i oni imaju vojne redove ? . Želim vam puno sreće !

    14. *shrug*on average, how many views do you all get per video? a hundred? a thousand? 2000? 10000? 24000? A total 23,095,201 upload views? Unless you only get a dozen views or so. Or are just starting out… This extra 'help' is of use to use as learning how to pad quietly is to a cat. But then again, it's not for views any more. It's for the cash, right team?

    15. If anything it has helped- I treat my book collection as another extension of my ability to rapidly search and reference information. It’s more awkward than Google, but sometimes information isn’t readily searchable that way. It does tend to lead to stacks of books on my computer desk as I chase down references, but that’s not all that bad a side effect.I also still read plenty, so I think it’s more a matter of letting the two abilities augment and complement one another rather than letting one wither while strengthening another.-LabRat

    16. 1.no conosco ninguna situacion parecida2)lo esencial en la vida es el amor q se tiene uno mismo y por supuesto la salud tambien se puede decir q no debemos irnos por lo material si no cuidarnos asi mismo3)el desnudo es una muy buena obra de arte ya q los autores muestran una creatividad,una belleza de pintura 11-H

    17. 397మీకు తెలీదంటే నాకు ఆశ్చర్యంగా ఉంది. మీరు చదువుతున్న పుస్తకం చాలా బాగుంటుంది. అది కాగానే ఆయన కవితల సంపుటులు – ఈ మధ్యనే మళ్ళీ ముద్రితమైనాయి – చదవండి. మీకు నచ్చవచ్చు. మొన్నామొన్నటి వరకు ఆ సంపుటాలు అన్ని పుస్తక కేంద్రాల్లో లభ్యం.

    18. Je suis entièrement d'accord avec les difficultés liées à la logique du marché. J'ai, cependant, sont aux prises avec la sull'Xcode premiers pas avec la claire intention d'écrire mon propre application peut-être plus adapté à Les réseaux d'entreprise. (J'essaie aussi qui peut m'aider à obtenir le certificat de «bonne» …) J'espère risentissi! bonne chance!

    19. Os osos son animais que pertencen aos carnívoros, aínda así, algúns como o panda teñen alimentación exclusivamente vexetarian, para o cal experimentaron unha serie de adaptación relacionadas co seu aparello dixestivo. Cales son as diferencias máis salientables entreo aparello dixestivo dun carnívoro e dun vexetariano?

    20. Hi I sell cards at my local Age Uk, I volunteer there so very handy. I get regular orders both as general buy off the shelf cards and also more personalised cards. It did take a while to establish but I get regulars wanting to buy cards they also tell their families and friends so I get orders from them as well.All my profits get fed back into the day centre so I will never be rich from it, but it gives me a hobby that I enjoy

    21. . He was a master of his craft, but it extended beyond that. It went past the craft of designing clothes because all in all he was creating art. I know the feeling too, so it when I heard his manner in which he went (even though it is irrelevant because death is death regardless of its means) it was like a second stab to the heart.And the thing that sucks is that with his two major shows, the Pre-Fall collection, his mens collections and the sub-lines, it's all year round. It's going to hurt like a bitch for a while.

    22. vind het vooral schokkend (eigenlijk niet schokkend want het is te wijdverspreid) dat de onderliggende theorieën en aannames achter stellingen, beweringen en claims vaak hartstikke ondeugdelijk zijn als men een integere kritisch rationalistische blik durft te werpen op bepaalde zaken.Vooral de manier waarop er over de vrije markt vs de collectieve sturing wordt gedacht.

    23. Sinceramente, o que me dá mais medo é que com essa mudanças, o circo deixe de se apresentar aqui em interlagos… mas gostava muito dos GP dos EUA… principalmente do trecho em que pegava parte do oval,o que deve ser ainda mais emocionante com as mudanças nos carros… Mesmo achando que os americanos no mereçam tal oportunidade.

    24. I love hot tea and I hate iced tea. The fact that it was artificial iced tea being served in a scratched up old plastic tupperware cup (I hate drinking out of plastic)…made it over-the-top gag-inducing.How about perfume that gives me an instant migraine, even if I just pass someone on the street that’s wearing it…I don’t know what causes that…OK smell expert, let me know.

    25. droit tire sa source d’une ligitimité. Celle-ci ne peut être la force car un force plus grande referait constamment le droit. La légitimité ne dépend pas du bord que vous êtes non plus. La légitimité du droit vient de la représentativité de ceux qui édictent la règle. C’est plus compliqué que ça mais cela en est un sommaire.Alors pour reprendre vos termes, votre argumentation est imbécile.

    26. Creo que algo positivo das novas tecnoloxias son por exemplo os ordenadores, a através deles todo o mundo pode falar con outra persoa do lado contrario do mundo, informarse de case todo…Tamén é un bo avance o dos teléfonos porque ahora o ser portátiles podense levar no coche e se hai algunha urxencia podelo utilizar e noutro caso si tes unha urxencia non.

    27. 236 28-03-09 пишет: Друзья, переходите по ссылке и внимательно читайте что там написано. Устанавливайте последнюю версию. Был ли этот ответ полезным?

    28. Pois é, para mim o tempo importa, principalmente num PC de hardware fraco.Não adianta você querer falar que não importar, pois isso quem define é o usuário. Eu digo que importa, você diz que não, outros dizem que sim e outros que não. Enfim, é opinião pessoal, se ainda não percebeu. Usando Firefox 3.0.4 em Windows Vista

    29. I’ve been quilting for about 2 years now. I love to make modern style quilts, and love squares, rectangles, strips and circles. Solids appear to be my growing favourite type of quilt to make… I would say I am no longer a beginner, but not yet intermediate. I have so many plans, ideas and research , but the executing remains to be the difficulty.

    30. Usaha di bidang kuliner tidak ada matinya, akan terus berkembang sepanjang masa. Saya tertarik dengan Panduan Usaha Mie Ayamnya pak, moga nantinya bisa dikembangkan menjadi usaha yang maju.Oh iya sedikit intermezzo, itu yang di atas judul artikelnya “Panduan Usaha Mie Ayam Gratis”… yang gratis kan panduannya, bukan mie ayamnya. Kalau mie ayamnya gratis nanti nggak dapat keuntungan lho…hehe… bercanda.Terima kasih sebelumnya

    31. Bună ziua,Ce relatați dumneavoastră ar putea fi un simptom depresiv persistent, sau o reacție adversă a unui tratament, și mai sunt și alte posibilități. Ca să răspund la întrebare, da, sigur că e mereu loc de mai bine și, fiind vorba despre o suferință psihică, adresați-vă psihiatrului și spuneți-i de problemele acestea.Succes,V.S.

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    33. Just wanted to let you know that this made my morning. I listened to this while I worked and fell in love with the tunes. My favorites are Happy Birthday and Mister Blue Sky. I had no idea you liked Lily Allen! Mister Blue Sky is such a happy tune – I must have played it 15 times! :DThanks for the happiness, darling!

    34. Bovidino / david,A ‘ciência’ dos nossos dias não tem capacidade de responder sua pergunta. Essa ‘ciência’ ainda não sabe explicar o que é a ‘consciência’. Está apenas começando a descobrir o funcionamento do cérebro. Se você quizer uma resposta deve procurar no meio espiritualista. Há correntes espiritualistas que dizem que sim e outras negam. O caminho é longo.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 0

    35. snoop: rudd may not be a genuis at governing but the reality is the opposition (‘conservative’ turnbull) is an ex ceo/chairman of GOLDMAN SACHS!!!! …. i in the past have been more aligned with the liberal/’conservative’ side of aus politics but next election think i will vote independents purely becuase i cannot allow myself to vote for a GS stooge … =/

    36. Speaking of mama's… where is Desmonds mama? Or grandmama? I mean none of the elder women in his life were there to inform him that enough is enough? And I mean I am grasping at straws here, but at least he has a job. May I also offer that no one is exempt from redemption and I have a feeling that some of these children will be just fine.Even though their moms were irresponsible with whom they had a child with, I am sure some of these women are great mothers. I mean either way this shit sucks, but I am not ready to write all of them off.

    37. The irony is that by Saudi Arabia supporting prices in this way, they're helping the world transition away from oil. Their actions help dampen longer-term price swings and keep prices high enough to force investment into alternatives and efficiency. Last year I kicked around the of using the SPR to dampen price swings, that wouldn't have worked all that well. Saudi Arabia is in a much better position to do it.

    38. Ciao Lucilla! bella idea regalo! per rispondere alla tua domanda, naturalmente ciò dipende dai metodi di pagamento autorizzati dall’eBook store nel quale acquisti l’eBook: la maggior parte accetta le principali carte di credito, ciò significa che anche le Visa Electron (Postepay) possono essere utilizzate senza problemi. Facci sapere come ti trovi col tuo regalo!

    39. Ouias.. tu as pris une décision après évaluation de ce qu’elle pouvait t’offrir, et non PAS à cause d’un «déclic».Un déclic, c’est quand on cherche étincelle, le coup de foudre. Les gens croient que ça parais mieux dire ça mais personne n’est dupe Content que tu ais évité le piège de ce qu’elle t’offrait grâce à ta rationalité, faut qu’on garde ça nous les gars lol

    40. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

    41. D. Leal • 27 de Dezembro de 2010 às 18:24Já a algum tempo perguntava-me porquê que o worpress não tem essa opção, sim de facto é bastante util, mas não irei fazer isso porque dá muito mais trabalho e não fica tão mais que bonito se formos criar um post =)Já agora podias responder se para as imagens dar no theme que tenho (blogue.reviravolta.net) se tem de ter um plugin instalado de imagem ou assim, é que não tenho nenhum e se calhar é disso…Abraço!

    42. Congratulations on your decision! It was only about a year and a half ago when we finally made the decision, and I know how hard a decision it is to make. Best of luck to you!Thanks for the link to the curriculum you will be using. I need to look through it more for my daughter. I’ll be interested to hear what you think about it.

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    3. I admire what your doing, but at the end of the day gambling here is illegal and one should respect the laws (even if we disagree with them). If you decide to go against the grain, you should at least do it under radder :)I won’t be attending personally, but feel free to leave your site address here so if anyone else wants to take the risk, they can contact you direct.

    4. That article is inaccurate.All the acetaminophen proposals I've seen are to ban it only in combination products. Many people just can't correctly read labels and do arithmetic when they are sick, which is compounded by most of the combinations including sedatives intended to shut down thinking processes. We have done the experiment, folks can't do it, and the resulting carnage costs on the order of a billion dollars a decade.You would still be able to buy acetaminophen by itself. Sick people seem to do a lot better when you reduce the instructions to "Eight pills a day. Never more."

    5. The closest thing to a real deal! (at least for me)I had an electronic cigarette from another company and I hated it. There was nothing more artificial that I ever dealt with. The taste was disgusting, it didn’t look or feel like a cigarette. I bought this one from White Cloud and it as close to the real thing as I have ever seen or felt. I am very pleased with this product purchase.AverageOverallPresentation & PackagingFlavorFlavor VarietyVapor VolumeBattery LifeValueShipping1 person found this review helpful.Was this review helpful to you?/

    6. I didn’t think that this crossword was that bad. It was nice to have a crossword where you had to think a bit more deeply about to solve. I think that this one took about the same time as the Toughie. If you want a real challenge today then Anax in the Independent is the one to go for.Many thanks to the Mysteron for the crossword and to BD for the review.

    7. along with every thing that appears to be developing within this specific subject material, all your perspectives happen to be somewhat refreshing. on the other hand, i appologize, because i do not give credence to your entire strategy, all be it exciting none the less. it appears to everybody that your remarks are not totally validated and in fact you are your self not even wholly convinced of the argument. in any case i did enjoy examining it.

    8. I found it’s best to show them how to do it once, then watch as they do the same thing (e.g. bathroom cleaning), so you can correct any mistakes right there, and then periodically check again over the next few weeks until you’re confident he’s got it right. Our maid (who’s also a man) took a long time to figure out how to do laundry properly – but now, he’s a pro!

    9. Tak nic. No, zas jednou jsem od společenství očekával – podle sebe? – příliÅ¡ mnoho. Asi jsem tu energii, čas, vynalézavost v pátrání, prostÅ™edky investoval v podstatÄ› nadbytečnÄ›. Nikoliv: musel jsem to udÄ›lat – cokoliv můžeme udÄ›lat pro druhého v mezní situaci, dÄ›láme vlastnÄ› pro sebe – abychom uspokojil jeho i sebe. Takže nic se nedÄ›je. Holt jsem mÄ›l jako tak často velké iluze. Že jsem se nepoučil na tzv. zvířetníku…

    10. Välkomna upp till Dalom fÃ¥r man väl säga dÃ¥ 🙂 Hoppas att ni fÃ¥r en lyckad weekend, och att det visst blir ett dopp i det blÃ¥. Om det är bastubad brukar det ju vara uppvärmt!Ha en härlig kväll, hoppas det smakar :). Och du, kom ihÃ¥g att det är kräftorna man blir dÃ¥lig av – inte snapsen ;)Kram ♥

    11. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation? My blog has a lot of unique content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my agreement. Do you know any techniques to help reduce content from being ripped off? I’d really appreciate it.|

    12. From the Washington Post:So much for that second-half rebound. Truth be told, that was always more of a wish than a serious forecast, happy talk from the Fed and Wall Street desperate to get things back to normal. It ain’t gonna happen. Not this summer. Not this fall. Not even next winter. This thing’s going down, fast and hard. Corporate bankruptcies, bond defaults, bank failures, hedge fund meltdowns and 6 percent unemployment. We’re caught in one of those vicious, downward spirals that, once it gets going, is very hard to pull out of.

    13. b14….Sul modo di scrivere si commentava Jenny (che non sei tu, giusto?E poi, il fatto che si 'sghignazzi' su qualche troll impenitente, non toglie nulla al valore ed alla validità dal post.L'astrologia E' UNA FESSERIA. Punto.Padronissima di 'studiarla' (ma ci sono molte cose più utile ed interessanti, la letamologia per esempio), ma sempre fuffa è. E tale andrebbe indicata, usanto gli stessi criteri di sigarette ed alcool.

    14. Syk finns med för att han jobbar på aftonbladet, det är vad vi svarta kallar affirmitive action, och med andra ord tar man in någon mindre kvalificerad till jobbet för att jämna ut balansen så att säga. Så det är inget att göra åt. Men självklart saknar man Kölle som faktiskt var rätt rolig i senaste avsnittet när dom mobbade den där torra norrlänningen om att han kunde gå pride paraden.

    15. Another thing I have noticed is that for many people, less-than-perfect credit is the reaction to circumstances beyond their control. Such as they may happen to be saddled by having an illness and because of this they have excessive bills going to collections. Maybe it’s due to a employment loss or inability to work. Sometimes divorce or separation can truly send the financial situation in the wrong direction. Thanks for sharing your notions on this blog.

    16. July 4, 2011 at 7:25 amoh and I didn’t answer any of your questions. hmmm. Best thing about me? forgiven and free age:22 I want… hmmm- thats a toughy. what do I want? to be useful and to have followed God into some pretty weird/awesome inspiring places/ experiences. secrets? on the internet? who does that! i know- everyone… um. I’m wearing an Elmo shirt from Hot Topic but have the bottom covered by a plaid jacket thing b/c I’m not sure if “Tickle me” is quite appropriate. Reply

    17. Savages was horrible, and as nice as Blake Lively is to look at, when she reads the voice over dialogue off the page (because there’s no way she took the time to learn it and still sound so awful), it sounds like she’s reading it for the first time.That and Benicio del Toro licks up spit. That, and a stupid ending, is really all this movie has to offer.

    18. "Terra creata nel 4004 AC, animali creati come sono adesso, fossili collocati sottoterra dal Diluvio universale o da un dio dispettoso per prendere per i fondelli gli scienziati miscredenti"Oh cos'è 'sta robba.No no, io intendevo creazionismo come vita che è stata creata. Anche solo l'infondere nell'uomo (probabilmente ancora più scimmia che uomo) la scintilla dell'amore, della compassione, del provare sentimenti, della consapevolezza, ecc… può essere considerato come evento non spiegabile e non dimostrabile ma comunque innegabile.

    19. puah! Ancora alla nanotermite siamo?gianps: gian != Gian di sopra (io sono case sensitive :-)ps2: Qualche giorno fa, non ricordo se su questo blog o un altro della stessa piattaforma ho notato che c'era un commento con un nick identico al mio (g minuscola). Deduco che blogger consenta nick uguali usando lo userid come identificatore univoco: sbaglio?

    20. Coucou,ça y’est, j’ai mes idées d’apéro !En fait, je souhaite participer « hors concours », j’ai envie de proposer chaque jours dans les jours à venir, un apéro végétalien avec ton concours en lien. Je me suis rendue compte que ça manquait sur mon blog.Je participe juste pour le plaisir et non pas pour gagner quoi que ce soit.Est-ce possible ?

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    22. I would have to say that my go to tool is my vegie peeler, that do use for its intended purpose most of the time-but also for slices of cheese, slicing radishes and other small vegies. I also could not cook without my wooden spoons that I have had for over 10 years. However, there is always room for an addition On a separate note, I purchased The Homemade Pantry and also heard you on the From Scratch Club podcast. My family thanks you to the ends of the earth for your book! You are such an inspiration. Good Blessings to you and your family.

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    24. I totally share your love for this wacky holiday, Cathy! Thanks for including my Witches Brew – the kids love it. Your Kitty Litter Cake? Lol. I can’t… And OMG, those Puff Pastry Intestines are completely disgusting. And AWESOME. Another great-round up that I’m sure took you a long time to put together. You rock.

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    26. Depois de ler esse texto, vi que não hidrato meu corpo… sempre ando com moleza e preguiça, não tenho disposição. Moro em lugar quente e quase não como fruta e nem água, aliás não tomo quase nada, se dá um copo no dia é muito… será que estou desidratada e por isso tenho essa moleza?Hj mesmo vou fazer o teste e tomar mais água e água de coco… comprei melancia tb

    27. Hassua, tein juuri eilen illalla tuollaista rahkaa, kun dyykkasimme paljon rasvatonta rahkaa, jossa oli viimeinen päiväys seuraavana päivänä! On siis ollut samat murkinat. Makeutin tosin intiaanisokerilla, kun ajattelin, että hunaja ei sekoitu hyvin, vaan jää sellaiseksi kimpaleeksi. Sulatatko hunajan jotenkin, jotta se sekoittuu?Ja tosiaan, rusinathan olisivat olleet hyvä luonnollinen makeutusmenetelmä.

    28. Can you be more specific about what you find 'ridiculous' about the post – was it someone questioning the infinite wisdom of politicians? Or speculating as to whether some laws might unintentionally result in death or injury? Or someone believing the government should be held accountable when it coerces people into behaving in a certain way?Do please elaborate… and play the ball, not the man.

    29. Kanske bäst sÃ¥..Eftersom behovet av att, av en auktoritet, få veta vad som är rätt och fel ( i språket i, detta fall ), tycks vara så stort. är det kanske lika bra att vårda föreställningen  lingvist = språkpolis – annars kanske vi snart får se Facebookgruppen "Inga fler skattepengar till lingvisterna"

    30. It’s because the msm is complicite in this farce of an election. We all know that there’s a double standard in this country and it’s playing out before the whole world. So even if McCain does win he won’t be respected…he’ll just be the next fool to occupy the outhouse. However that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shine a light on this bullshit. But the way to fight this battle is not by getting in the dirt with these hypocrites. But to put out the facts on Palin and letting the shit fall where it falls.

    31. I mentioned it because I’m ambivalent about women getting all makeup-upped for the camera, because I do believe the fact that we all see mostly professionally-done images in the media is part of what contributes to women feeling “not enough” in the mirror. I wanted to avoid any false impressions that my (or any other woman’s) face looks just like that without all kinds of lighting, makeup, professional skill etc.! Hope that makes more sense![]

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    37. Every country needs a focal point to refer to as their centre and the essence whether it be an object of something or image or someone. The beauty of the Royal Family is that the condition remains the same but the image changes for each generation. We have a self-renewing cultural icon to unify us in hope or in condemnation. The Royal Family is a multi-layered, non-intrusive, money-spinning marvel.The countryside – like football clubs – would be owned in even greater tracts by a different kind of rich. At least crown lands aren't being sold off by our current government.

    38. Unquestionably imagine that which you stated. Your favourite justification seemed to be at the web the easiest factor to be mindful of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while folks consider issues that they plainly don’t realize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , other people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

    39. It’s “massage therapist” not massuer. Massage therapists are licensed professionals. Massuers, according to dictionary.com are “men who practice massage”. — old and antiquited term, like you. Looks like it’s time for a Politically Correct coach. S/he would have more challenges with you than your speech therapist.

    40. Mut jos on niinku blondi, ja joku suuntaa valoo korvast sisään, niin eiks se niinku tuu toiselta puolelta sit ulos? Miten se siinä matkalla ehtii mitää vaikuttaa?Seriously, miten tämä voi joku ottaa vakavasti? Mutta toisaalta, niinhän Stockmannikin myi kanta-asiakastarjouksina aivan pokkana näitä ihmeen tasapainotarrarannekkeita.. ja todella suolaiseen hintaan, I might add.

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    42. 1. That he asked for very exspensive taxes on property and on the tea, that he would not listen to the people and that he didn’t mind about their problems.2. The tax of the tea.3. The taxation without representation, that they had to pay taxes to the goverment in America and to the king in England and that liberty is and was very important for them.

    43. Hathor….. great questions… I wonder if now, where there are these Castle Laws, there will be reconsideration… btw3 gave a great explanation of the earlier laws, threshold and retreat… I wonder why that wasn’t seen as good enough and they thought they needed to go further with Castle? I find these property over life laws quite distressing, but it does say something about our society and how we really value life… personally, I have never thought “things” were worth harming or getting harmed over….

    1. Utzu…tranquila…nadie nació siendo madre…a tu vecina ahí me dices dónde vive que voy y se lo explico Pueden ser muchísimas cosas no sólo hambre…hay veces que es cólico o hay veces como dice mi madre que “es la hora del llanto” que da igual que hagas que también es su modo de expresión. Mi Critter de año y 6 meses ya no se levanta…pero cada niño es un mundoooo….te daría consejos pero la verdad se que encontrarás tu camino y pronto verás que al menos dormirá 10 horas seguido sin levantarse Un besote desmadroso

    2. john en caroline heel veel sterkte met deze aktie ik hoop voor jullie dat je veel medewerking gaat krijgen ,mijn mening waarom bezuinigen over de mensen die al zo weinig kunnen is niet normaalzo worden mensen helemaal beperkt in doen en laten raken ze in isolementmensen laat je hart spreken en steun deze aktie ook voor de toekomst

    3. Many people are aasingt the advent of a technological era but few realize how much we have changed the way we live using technology. So many of us are now in good health and in comfortable positions because of technology and life is much more livable than it was 1000 years back. However, compromising nature for building up technology is dangerous and should be discouraged at all costs. But then again, the concept of Eco-friendly technology is gaining wide momentum!

    4. I do love the manner in which you have presented this problem plus it really does offer me personally some fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, from just what I have seen, I basically trust as other responses pack on that people today remain on issue and not start upon a soap box of the news du jour. All the same, thank you for this outstanding piece and though I can not agree with the idea in totality, I respect your viewpoint.

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    6. Gostaria de parabenizar a todos que estão trabalhando em prol do melhoramento no atendimento aos reeducando do Sistema Prisional. Parabenizo também o esforço da equipe de Assistentes Sociais da Sejus, da comarca de Porto Velho, que estão tralhando junto ao poder Judiciário do Estado e cumprindo suas atribuições dentro da Gerencia de Saúde Penitenciária. Parabéns!!!

    7. Together with every little thing which appears to be developing inside this area, all your viewpoints are somewhat exciting. However, I beg your pardon, because I can not subscribe to your whole suggestion, all be it exhilarating none the less. It looks to everyone that your remarks are actually not entirely rationalized and in simple fact you are generally your self not even fully confident of the assertion. In any event I did enjoy examining it.

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    10. PS J’entendais l’autre jour à la radio Rony Brauman expliquer que l’Europe n’avait pas mérité son Prix Nobel de la paix en raison de son absence de contribution efficace au règlement du conflit israélo-palestinien. La même critique peut être adressée à tous les présidents des USA de ces dernières décennies et l’attribution du Prix Nobel à l’un d’entre eux est une insulte faite au sort des Palestiniens.

    11. No corras detrás del tiempo, nunca lo vas a alcanzar, organizate, nada más. Las prioridades van primero (con todo y rebuznancia).Muy bonita la casa de ustedes, muy buenas las fotos de este post, interesantes reflexiones, como siempre; me haces suspirar y pensar que algún día debo tener una vida de verdad.Cuídense, Trying y Tú, que estén muy bien, luego nos leemos.

    12. is there such an institute in Switzerland  as "Institut de Radiophysique in Lausanne" and such a specialist as Dr Francois Bochud? Maybe. But the alleged substance found is polonium. Isn't that a bit too cute? After all, Polonium refers to Poland where all those Zionist dogs come from [at least in the bigoted imagination of Helen Thomas & such like]. Could somebody be insinuating a malign Zionist hand by use of that particular chemical element?

    13. Ich hoffe, dass das Projekt über die nächsten Jahre hinaus erfolgreich sein wird und der Nachwuchsarbeit in der Region Lafnitztal die entsprechende Aufmerksamkeit zukommen wird, die es sich verdient hat. Denn ohne entsprechende Nachwuchsförderung wird es immer schwieriger werden, einheimische Talente in den jeweiligen Vereinen vorzufinden! Auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit

    14. James -Great info……from stats, your experiences, and your heart. Thank you for writing this. Where is it publisded? Have you considered sending it to NSA, Juice Plus?? They might really appreciate the story!I am VERY happy for you, for your healing…..Prayers, Love, & Blessings -Gerilyn

    15. Need to keep the genetically implanted arsenic tablet uncrunched until he has grown up had his way with as many wild females as possible. His sperm passes on the arsenic tablet to his offspring, who hatch and, not finding any tetracycline in the wild diet, soon drop dead. Doh! Thanks for that Bluthner. It’s still early here. More coffee needed 1

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    23. in the comments she meant “cooler weather” clothes. If you have the heat on a decent temperature those would be plenty warm for in the house. My huscat and I were always pretty cheap about our heat, but we keep it warmer with a kitten at home. Hopefully Kath will do the same, but I won’t hold my breath.

    24. dit :En plus de m’informer de ta définition des mots, il faudra m’informer de tes principes mathématiques permettant de généraliser à partir d’une aussi faible proportion de la population.C’est sur que ½ de la population c’est un faible échantillon…Je dirais même que c’est négligeable.

    25. And the pattern that you are seeing with education is but a small part of the pattern the billionaire boys club has for society as a whole. All the links you’ve posted about the decline of the middle class and the rise of poverty are all part of it too. Banana Republic – coming soon to a country near you! (And I’m not talking about the clothing store.)

    26. James Canning,It is not me you have to convince and it doesn’t matter what the truth is. What matters is the perception of people of the region. And their perception is this; Gaddhafi was set up, as was Saddam before him. Meaning any agreement with the West is worthless since it will be followed soon with betrayal.

    27. I have been on this — I think the girl in the subway deserved a hard slap in the face. Being an Anglophonic defender of Confucian virtue is a lonely position.My wife's reaction was the best: "If the girl gave up her seat like she was supposed to, none of that would have happened." That's the A+ answer.

    28. greenhouses and took them with. You are correct about all but the more than 3,000 greenhouses that AMERICAN JEWS bought from Israeli’s living and working and HIRING Gazans in Gaza.Those more than 3,000 greenhouses were the ones left in perfect working order.THEY were the ones looters destroyed.They were a gift that cost AMERICAN JEWS $14,000,000.They would have supplied employment for thousands of Gazans.They would have supplied food for Gazans as well as for export.But they were destroyed by Gazans AFTER the turnover.Facts and figures from:Reply

    29. Yewe Namukomboshi, awe naine wine nibu “Fulwe tachinda, nombafye mu chipanga chakwe, aleifeta.”Nangufye taumbwene, ishibafye ati uku `mulumendo ali, awe nachafya ukutetaika. Sancho na kabili sancho. Pano Pa Nsaka, nimwe bonse ukuposapo ako mukwete.Mwilatina iyo, nangu nga mulefwaya ukulanda pa fyakwipika chikanda, leteni tuposepo. Nobe wine Lesa obe akutangate. Kuuku naba nga newachepa.

    30. Hi Susana, Happy to see that your family is growing. This is your friend Carla Basantes from Kennesaw State University cross country team. Remember those days?I am in Argentina rightnow, studying my Master degree, but I always remember you, as one of my best friends. Thank you for all the support and friendship, you were very meaningful in my life. Thank you and God bless you.

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    4. … @Einstiensblackid If you think the common American has no idea we have been digging ourselves a debt hole for the last three decades you are gravely mistaken. The whole problem is Obama ran on a “change” platform and then started handing out trillion dollar checks…more spending in one year than any administration in history. And with that the tea party was born…we are getting close to the point of no return and we arent going to let us get there no matter what it takes… Was this answer helpful?

    5. Fascinerend verhaal. De idioterie van hier om vast te houden aan rails en het progressieve denken in Japan. Ik ben eens in de Bullit naar Hirosjima geweest. Mount Fuji onderweg, erg mooi. Ging allemaal heel snel. Als ik het goed begrijp gebruiken we dus nu de techniek van dertig jaar terug hier. Het is beschamend als je er goed over nadenkt. Dat treinengedoe valt toch ook onder Melanie Schultz? Ik vind het rondje dat je in je laatste alinea schrijft werkelijk héél interessant.

    6. Who gives a flying f— what she is pray for her well being…send those families some prayerful thoughts. Do what ever you do when people are in crisis. Can you imagine that family who just lost that little 9 year old. What a tragedy.And Palin, Beck, Limbaugh etc should be slapped down hard if they ever use that inflammatory rhetoric again. Slapped down hard.

    7. What a beautifully written story. Very descriptive, exciting, and engaging. I love your writting style. For me, it really made me understand and almost ‘feel’ your pain and fear. As well as the story itself. I like how the creature was healing itself while killing you. I look forward to seeing more stories written by you. 10/10VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 6 votes)

    8. Takže nie ako za socíku, ale ako v prvotnopospoľnej spoločnosti si budeme zháňaÅ¥ mäso… Najprv si ulovíme a potom rozbúrame a rozdelíme, super To sme to dopracovali… Ja som bola dhší čas stálou zákazníčkou u Orbána, ale presne – veľmi nestabilný výkon a “slovenský” prístup – akonáhle obchodník cíti, že sa mu ako tak darí, zákazník prestane byÅ¥ dôležitý – ber, alebo nechaj tak! Aj my si svojpomocne zháňame slaninu a klobásy, lebo ma prestalo baviÅ¥, že slanina kúpená v obchode splesnivie. Slanina, čo voľakedy zvykla visieÅ¥ mesiace a mesiace v Å¡pajzi…

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    10. La Palabra dice que somos colaboradores de Dios, y como tales no estamos autorizados para emitir decretos ni declaraciones, eso solo le corresponde a Dios como soberano que es. Nuestra tarea como embajadores y sacerdotes es representarle y hablar en su nombre, no decretar ni declarar, es es lo que hace un embajador, hablar y exponer a los demás lo que ya decretó su gobernante. Como sacerdotes y embajadores estamos llamados a predicar las buenas nuevas de Dios y ser el medio que Dios use para que otros conozcan el amor de Dios través de nuestra ministración y testimonio.

    11. Education often changes attitudes, but rarely transforms behaviors. Bans are not an ideal way to induce better habits, and usually ignites those that feel givernment has too much control, even if in this case, as DK points out, it’s a regulation imposed largely on vendors rather than individuals. To Bloomberg: I’ll give you this one, but in the future more carrot and less stick.

    12. the spidermonkey also has no thumbs to grasps the hamburger. i disagree with oneakwardgirl. i think nerd fights should be just as illegal as cockfights aka penis battles. nerd fights are just as brutal but they can use more "hateful language" unquote such as quote nigger fucker cracker shit brains and of course unquote cunt. im tired of nerd fights even though i gamble on them every day. i put on atleast 1000000000 dollars a fight cuz im bill gates. cum.

    13. and have had about the same rant, almost word for word, on many occasions. There are LOTS of ways to live your life and we all get to choose for ourselves. I have never wanted children and will never have them (I have other plans), but I am an awesome aunt to my sibs and friends' kids. Hooray for child-free and boo to nosy people who don't know well enough to butt out!

    14. I noticed the bumrush by Uncle Tommy as well. Nearly knocked the petite and frail Ginsberg over. Un-freakin-believable!Insofar as Jindal – that was a sad performance last night. Looked like a puppet with his strings showing.Obama’s speech was a smackdown of the Rethugly obstructionism. Even Jindal had to admit in the high point of his wooden soliloquy that the Rethugs had forked-up the last 8 years of their rule.Rethugs pioneered the recall election with Grey Davis in California…What goes round… comes round. BT

    15. I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

    16. Thank you so much Northern Shade, we love our huge trees, they were one of the main reasons we bought the property 22 yrs ago.It was the low November sunshine lighting up the Osakazuki in the first couple of photos. All the leaves have now fallen except for the oak trees, it was lovely while they lasted, but now I’m thinking – only 6 weeks to snowdrop time !!

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    18. Я когда то училась в этой школе и очень желею что я перешла.Ведь там были мои лучшие друзья: Побродилин Даниил, его друг Лёша который учится вроди-бы в 7 кл. и Пашнина Арина.

    19. My friend was staying with us for a bit when we were 10 and for Mothers day she and I stayed up late to make a special jello and cream molded cake with strawberries for my mom. Unfortunately the jello didn't set right, so it was more of a red and white slop the next morning. It's the thought that counts, right?

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    21. 6 feb22:46è difficile, in questo caso almeno: non di pensiero trattasi, ma di palpabile carne e fremiti. capirai, un giorno. ;-)12 feb10:20(ma perchè io mi ero persa una cosa del genere?)12 feb10:37non so, sta qui dal sei. ma ci resta, eh, tranquilla… $(‘ff_togglecommentslink_9e4eed5e-7937-a11a-6118-a5fe624056b5’).observe(‘click’, friendFeedTasks1036.toggleDiscussions.bindAsEventListener(friendFeedTasks1036));

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    23. Great coffee table and I like your idea of eames eiffel…or maybe Panton S chair? (I’ve always loved those). Whatever you choose, I’ll be awaiting the pics!As for projects, I’m having my basement finished next month to include a media room for my stupidly huge tv, and I desperately need new kitchen cabinets (Ikea of course). Then there’s replacing some linoleum flooring with tile (front hall and bathrooms), redoing the 3 bathrooms….endless list but sadly not an endless pocketbook

    24. I think I've made a "boo-boo". I didn't pre-soak my pinto beans (1 lb.), but I washed and sorted through them. I added them to the crock-pot this morning with enough water and set them to "low", intending them to cook for at least 10 hours while I'm away at work. Is this enough time? Will I have tough, uncooked beans at the end of my Monday?

    25. Guys stay away from these cheap garbage beamers! They have a very low native resolution.. Dont pay attention to what any projector supported resolutions. It’s the native resolution you want to pay attention to. The low resolution of projectors like the is like a cellphones DPI blown up onto a big screen. For a high quality projector for decent price i recommend the Acer line of projectors. I have both a 720p 3D and a 1080p projector. Both are native HD and very clean picture quality.

    26. New olympic sport– Death-Luge! Sad, but hardly cause for the usual cyber-cry baby outrage, or Google’s hasty switch to a boarder-dude (whoa, he pulled a wally for the Gold…..). Should snowboarding even be classified as a proper Olympic schport?? Not really. Then is ice skating either? Debatable. Why not…snowmobiling! Beelin’ for the gold… The Olympics has become a high-powered marketing campaign, mostly, beloved by Google, yanghoo, MSN, etc.

    27. Does anybody have a working link to cwm touch recovery for evo4g lte. There website pulls up a large sum of giberish text when trying to download. i LOVE twrp but i had purchased rom manager pro and would like to use it again sometime. I think it was pulled but there is not a rerelease date. Also has anyone purchased 4ext. If so how do you like it. What about it is worth the $3… i think im going to get it but not sure would like input,,,

    28. Great review. Love the idea of 30% returns. Hell, why stop there? Once you’ve generated a few million in capital, you could probably just jump right into starting your own hedge fund and then buy Finland by the time you’re 55 and ready to retire. Just need a little discipline and real estate leverage – what a perfect elixir! The sad thing is that people will actually buy this drivel…

    29. That's the reason I have tunes by my LBS, even though I can do it all myself: to support a local business.We used to have a Schwinn dealer here that was great as a bike shop. When Schwinn bikes went Walmart, they couldn't compete with all the junk selling at big box stores and closed up shop.Unless it's some killer ebay or craigslist deal on a major component, I go to the LBS to buy what I need.