استعراض اللعب لشخصية Starfire القادمة للعبة Injustice 2

حزمة الشخصيات الأولى للعبة Injustice 2 ستحتوي المزيد من الشخصيات، وStarfire ستكون واحدة منهم.

في استعراض جديد للعبة القتال Injustice 2، نحصل من استوديو التطوير NetherRealm على العرض الخاص بشخصية Starfire، واحدة من شخصيات DC التي تحتويها حزمة الشخصيات الأولى القادمة في أغسطس.

اللعبة متوفرة من جهتها على الـPS4 والـXbox One.

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    2. If Chelsea buys Cesar azpilicueta, I remove my Chelsea tattoo! He s a poor defender, with bad positioning, timing and his crossing is very bad. Debuchy is a decent right back, and he has my support to come to Chelsea. I agree that we don’t need a RB, but a good sub wouldn’t be idiotic.Reply

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    6. A good (and obscure) analogy, Jeff The introspection scene is pretty common in a lot of films. 999/1000 times the hero faces their fears, and all is won. Although we don’t have the benefit of a montage to speed up the time, most of us can face the truth to become more successful. When we learn to embrace Big Data, we’ll run away screaming for joy!

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    10. Hauska, Musta Joutsen tuo kommentti törpöistä, jotka saa vaivoikseen Voihan sen noinkin nähdä, mutta en minä ole saanut ainakaan ketään vaivoikseni tänä sinkkukesänä En hymyilemällä, en keskustelemalla, en treffeiillä käymällä enkä edes sänkyyn menemällä Aika hauskoja positiivisia juttuja on tullut, esim. kutsuja, treffejä, tarjouksia ja hauskoja viestejä, rehellistä puhetta, ystävällisiä sanoja. Enpä nyt ainakaan muista mitään, mikä minua olisi haitannut.

    11. are you serious? You, you, are now a legal scholar and authority and can intelligently question a serious political/legal decsion,. without knowing all the facts, going by only published information. I have worked for the government before. The reason for most security decisions are rarley based on published reports. Decisions are rarely made in response to irrational writings by uninformed so called bloggers. Until you have access to secured documents that have non-published details, well, this is the reason why bloggers have little journalistic respect.

    12. Hi Lisa nice of you to stop by You’re absolutely right! Our blogs are our own and we definately need to set our own schedule for what works in our own individual circumstances. Many people are holding down one or two jobs and blogging to help build a business in addition. There are only so many hours in the day and the last thing those people need is someone telling them that they must blog daily, or “x” number of times per week.It just drives me nuts!

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    14. Hi Charlie, this is my first time on your blog, usually chat to Dani, but haven’t heard from her for a couple of days so when she wakes up tell her Brain is waiting for her! Been watching u a bit during the day and u always look so sexy, even with your clothes on! Take care babe and be careful at the gym! …. love Brian xxx PS kisses to Dani as well!

    15. En wat dacht je van de popples-poppetjes? Ik heb er ooit twee voor mijn verjaardag gehad. Een gele en een roze. Die gingen echt overal mee naar toe, ook in het tasje naar de kerk. Na twee dagen was ik de mooiste al weer kwijt. Waarschijnlijk verloren in de auto. Ik heb denk ik wel honderd keer onder de autostoelen gekeken en gezocht. Het heeft me zo’n trauma bezorgt dat ik nog steeds in kleine auto’s de neiging heb om onder de stoelen te kijken of hij daar misschien ligt.

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    17. Audrey dit :Corneille…Oh pitié non xDC’est dans ce genre de moment qu’on se rend compte qu’en fait en France…Heu…Ben y’a plus grand monde de potable qui veuille aller a l’Eurovision…Il nous faut quelque chose qui bouge pour de vrai ! Et puis un artiste deja connu, qu’NRJ puisse faire sa promo via ses différentes stations en Europe

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    19. Bartek – I believe that it can always be done. What it requires is simple:Recognition of the problems (some in gov’t seem to be getting there)Resolve (balls) to step out and take the hard decisions and make it work.I see neither in Poland with regard to the issues.It will continue to get worse IMHO

    20. What version of the OS are you running?Also, did you download the version of John from the download link on our site, or theirs? Try downloading and running the other one (they’re different versions). We haven’t updated ours yet because we have received a few reports of people not being able to run the current version but being able to run the version linked from our site.For you, the inverse may be true. Let me know if that helped!

    21. E aí, Ico!Só passando de praxe, pra deixar os parabéns pela transmissão e pelo Pole Position! Falar da J-Lo em frente ao carro da McLaren foi uma bela duma sacanagem com o mecânico, hein… hahahahaha Abraço!Minha pergunta é bem besta: aquele desfile que teve foi do quê? Lingerie, biquíni…?

    22. Hvor var det dejligt at læse at du nu lader dig drive til at slappe af og nyde livet uden alle de gøremÃ¥l af voldsom karakter – jeg synes du i allerhøjeste grad har fortjent det!!! Nyd det i fulde drag… go den gode mor/datter hygge tur i formiddags er da noget af det allerbedste at ha med i dagens minder… god fornøjelse i Ã…lerusen og med familiehygge.Kh Susanne PS. Mon du snart er klar til at man puster lidt ve-støv mod Odense a’ ??

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    24. Oh.Now I get it.It's a cop-induced multinational backwoods snowboarding conspiracy with black hordes AND black helicopters…..Look.My only point was that these kids from all over the world were using a publicly-funded public transit system to all get together, and all get along, doing something that is so Canadian that it actually proves the point.About multiculturalism, I mean._____And if anybody thinks that the rev and I haven't gone after malfeascance, some of it systemic, by the Horsemen in the past, you are wrong.Very wrong..

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    26. Backstabbing friends are not really friends if they backstab! They aren’t worth the time. As I get older, I realize that people generally don’t change, so if you idenfity them as not 100% on the up and up, then don’t waste time at all. Period.I’ve had experience with one of those, and he was legendary. Not worth dealing with people like this.I’d help a good friend in need, the level of help would depend on the strength of the friendship. If someone is flaky and unreliable, I’d treat them differently.

    27. Bin oui, mon pit, mais j’avais pas mis de majuscule au “p” alors que toi, tu t’en mets un… c’est tout dire.T’as pas encore dit combien de temps t’as passé dans les palais de justice. Allez, mon pit, dis-moi et après, on pourra voir si ta la même crédibilité que moi dans ce domaine.

    28. Illegal infiltrator peasants?Peasants are often salt of the earth, rooted to the land they work, oppressed. They often evoke feelings of sympathy, have credibility of authenticity. Look, many, many of these migrants are good, hardworking people. But it is also true that we are facing an invasion and having our country stolen out from under our feet.Illegal infiltrator peasants in the US = Illegal infiltrators in Israel.Netanyahu doesn't say illegal infiltrator "peasants."

    29. can I make a suggestion? I sense youve acquired individual thing good at this time. However what if you happen to added a pair links to a web page that backs up what youre saying? Or perhaps you possibly know how to give us something to take a look at, a bit that would join what youre saying to one thing tangible? Only a suggestion. Anyhow, in my language, there will not be a lot good supply similar this.

    30. Creo que tu amigo Mario va a tener que resignarse a los mercados industriales tan surtidos, jajaja, no se te ocurra publicar su foto o no lo dejarán entrar a los lugares donde ocurren este tipo de cosas… bueno no podrá salir de casa…. En cuanto a ti, te admiro porque dices lo que piensas, pocos lo hacemos, sigue así.

    31. All you guys have sticks up your asses. El Pres is the man…and I’m happy that an intelligent woman takes his posts as they should be taken; with a grain of salt. In this day and age too many people get bent out of shape for the stupidest reasons. The comments in this section are case in point. Clearly your senses of humor are lacking. Penelope, I’m happy your’s is not…keep up the good work. And to the rest of you: VIVA LA STOOL, BITCHES!!!

    32. Si tu as ça près de chez toi, va voir dans un magasin spécialisé dans l’appareillage médical. Ils ont des orthèses, qui doivent même pouvir être faits sur mesure.Sinon vois sur Internet. Si ça coûte 5 euros, tu commandes pas sur internet, mais tu vois si y’a pas un truc sur le site qui peux t’être utile, pour faire une commande de 15 euros par exemple.

    33. Devant Villefranche-sur-Mer, c’était Précontinent III, en 1965 (un mois de vie pour les océanautes à 100 mètres de profondeur). A cette époque, j’arrivais comme étudiant à Paris et je ne connaissais Cousteau que par les livres et la télé. Plus tard, j’ai souvent vu Armand Davso, en effet le grand bricoleur des caméras sous-marines de l’équipe de la Calypso.L’Alcyone est toujours opérationnelle en principe, mais ne fait pas grand chose à ma connaissance. Je ne sais pas dans quel port elle se trouve en ce moment, mais je vais demander.

    34. Co ty pieprzysz. Urbana ciało nie zgnije, tak nasączone jest whisky. Za to łatwo się będzie palić. Jak znam tego jajcarza, to każe swoje prochy rozrzucić na cmentarzu katolickim i nakręcić filmik. Jeszcze lepiej by było, gdyby ktoś zaufany wlazł z wiaderkiem do krypty wawelskiej. Tam jest tłum i nikt nie zauważy. Byłby Urban w panteonie narodowym obok Piłsudskiego i Kaczyńskiego. Oczywiście jak nie będą zamiatali.

    35. Hola Rosa, No es necesario realizar ninguna inscripción solamente entrar en el blog para ver las entradas de los monitores, pero existe la posibilidad de recibir todas las entradas que se vayan publicando en el blog en el correo electrónico. Para recibirlas debes suscribirte en la columna del margen derecho del blog y hacer clic en el apartado seguir el blog por email.

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    41. Vilket läckert nystan du spunnit! Hos oss rÃ¥mar,kvider,skriker,brakar,dÃ¥nar och lÃ¥ter havsisen otroligt mycket! Det är ett fantastiskt fenomen när isen är pÃ¥ väg att bryta upp. SÃ¥ var det i Ã¥r ocksÃ¥. Nu kör "vÃ¥ran" lilla färja igen, vilket är jätteskönt. Visst är det vackra vyer även pÃ¥ vinter 🙂 Ha en riktigt fin helg!

    42. pointilleux: disons que cela me semble logique. Au début, il est question de l’iPhone, dessiné petit et noir.Quant à la dernière image, il s’agit de l’iPad, dessiné en grand et blanc. Et les appareils utilisés pour « lire » ces cases sont en accord avec le texte contenu dans les bulles.

    43. Spoken like a true troll. i can’t speak for others, but i will say that i do follow the angry joe website and i’m not a perpetual virgin or basement dweller. I’m actually married and finishing my bachelors in aeronautical sciences while paying my way thanks to my prior military service. But yet i still think you are a little trolling turd nugget. Hmmmm, i guess that generalization of the angry army doesn’t fit everyone now does it, douche.

    44. saarie, Ik weet niet of iedereen er last van heeft maar ik kan je zeggen dat ik geen last van mijn schouder heb (nog niet gehad) maar wel van mijn rug terhoogte van mijn borstkast, ik had nl gister ook zoiets ik moest inderdaad ook overgeven en toen was het over. Voelde me ook slecht , moe en na het overgeven was het over.sterkte ermee.groetjes miranda

    45. At the principal level there is indeed very little incentive to leave. In my own experience the higher-ups at Microsoft have a very hard time adapting outside the company anyway. I've worked for two employers since I left MSFT and have had a number of ex-softees as colleagues. ICs and front-line managers usually did well but I've seen multiple directors (and higher) run back to Redmond sometimes after less than a year outside of the bubble (mostly of their own free will, but not always)

    46. o ultimo show,fecham-se as cortinas, e um bando de babacas de fardas,deveriam estar caçando bandidos,pedofilos, nao indo pertubar o show de uma cantora quemerecia ser respeitada,paga impostos,alegra as pessoas, fez maravilhas em sua caminhada de roqueira,deveriam esperar o show acabar,ai todos iam embora felizespor passarem um dia diferente,de musica,alegria que nossa rainha sempre nos proporcionou.beijos rita, vc sempre será uma rainha

    47. Kjekt med slik pÃ¥leggsgafler….om de ikke er ofte i bruk, sÃ¥ er det gøy Ã¥ legge de fram:)Synes din orange grytelapp var kjempefin jeg da:)) Jeg har orange ullgarn liggende….mon tro om jeg fÃ¥r til Ã¥ strikke…min bli 4-kantet i sÃ¥fall og ikka sÃ¥ avansert som dine:))Ha en fin søndag, Lone, klem fra meg:)

    1. कहना अनुचित न होगा कि,आखिर,पुरुष के हृदय का रास्ता जाता उसके पेट से ही होकर है!आदर सहित!

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    3. dude to me first so I was just repeating what you already wrote “dude” lol. Honestly wtf are you talking about now? You realize your post makes no sense so now you weren’t being serious? and somehow I am? You have some great logic there. Romney never made an attack ad against Obama over big bird, but Obama did and even the liberal media made fun of him for it. So still your post makes no sense claiming Romney talked to much about big bird. God you’re fucking stupid…”dude”

    4. wow, yeah i dont get all the hype, and i remember watching the film about this, wasnt it with james earl jones? anyway, i don't really see the point of it, this ban against interracial fornification was already lifted is loving v. virginia, to pardon jack johnson now is sort of redundant, unless there are going to be some damages or something given to his heirs for this type of racism, but i doubt that mccain would want that, being a republican and all… j/k

    5. Probably not making sense, so how about an example.Your neighbors house sells for $500k. Your house is similar, so you say your house is worth $500k. When you are asked how you came up with that value, you point next door.Until today, when your neighbor’s house just sold for $400k.Now, you can no longer use your neighbor’s house as a comp to justify the $500k price. Comp killed.

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    8. Heheheh the bit about your “assets” had me in stiches! I am an absolute trekkie and little while back I did my back in and I was out of action for two weeks but luckily I had downloaded the entire series 1-7 of TNG and I watched the whole thing from start to finish over that two weeks! In my humble opinion, the best dang tv show ever! “ahem cough cough splutter splutter” enough of my shamless boosting of TNG, I’m so glad you managed to get on the set, it was one of my dreams too, if only I learned about the LOA when I was a teenager!

    9. Shadow the Hedgehog was the last game where I really liked the controls. Ever since they started with this new engine I’ve just felt more… restricted, I guess? Anyway, even if this ends up handling the same as everything else since Sonic 06, just the return of playable characters besides Sonic himself means it will be a different experience from anything we’ve had in the last seven years.

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    11. In general terms our foundationalist friends seem to be very tuned into popular culture, where the romantics have more interest in things like architecture are fine arts and the deconstructionists veer towards literature and to a lesser extent modern visual arts.That’s the broad-stroke of the direction this got me thinking…

    12. They program our kids, then when the kids act out what they are watching, they just say, well, take the guns away…So when they glorify having sex with the family dog, and the kids do that… what will they say?MC Hammer, will not let his kids listen to his music…it’s ok for your kids to be polluted, as long as you are paying him, but he’s smart enough to keep kids away from his music…HELLO, everyone brain dead out there?

    13. स्नेहलबरेचदा मेसेज पाठवणाऱ्यांच्या भावना पण असतात त्या मागे. आपल्या आनंदात कोणाला तरी सहभागी करून घ्यावं ही भावना असते. मेसेज किंवा एसएमएस कडे एकदम दुर्लक्षुन किंवा त्याला अगदी खालच्या दर्जाचे म्हणून ट्रीट करूनही चालणार नाही हे पण लक्षात घे. तू मला एसएमएस पाठवला, त्यामागची भावना पण होती ना< की आपल्या आनंदात सहभागी करून घ्यायची??

    14. disse:A Igreja católica em Cambé está sentindo a queda no número de participantes nas missas da Paróquia Santo Antônio?? Acredito que não. É vergonhoso para nós cristãos termos que aceitar falta de educação e destrato de um pároco durante as celebrações, e que ainda tem a audácia de dizer que os jovens estão perdidos. Se perdem mesmo pois ir na missa e ter que presenciar certas cenas, desanimam qualquer um, jovem ou não.

    15. Do I know about it ? Yes, I do. I know a lot about it. Actually, I have friends, who have friedns, whose family members, and freidns were on that ship, and died. But, I am not sure if we’re talking about the same thing. Which one are you talking about. I am talking about the Titanic. That is the world’s largest ship to be built. NO other ship, will beat that !

    16. i had a great time visiting your club. i’m intrested in a spesific show i was watching. it was on january 2011. it was a jazz trio (piano, drums, contra bass).i dont remember the name of the band. all i remember is that someone told me that the piano player’s mother was a famous opera singer and his father is a violinist.is there any chance you could help me recaling the name of the trio or the name of the piano player?thank you so much…ariel

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    19. Hi Chap, I disagree and I don’t see what you find wrong with my comment. If Tavis did not come forward and responsibly disclose the necessary information to Sophos, the vulnerabilities that he found may not have been found or worse, exploited by someone else. I acknowledge that Sophos did not use basic security but they are taking security more seriously now (see Sean’s comments below).——————————————-I am not affiliated with Sophos, I am simply a volunteer commenter.

    20. pp: oh yes, u can use leeks or any other veg such as wongbok.ekeng: korean pancakes r even easier to make. hurry, get a gf who cooks!b:i wikied n i’m worried tt u may have eaten the muskrat instead of the marmot! kidding. but yuks, i’d rather starve than eat rodents!i just can’t see u, of all ppl, camping out in mongolia.*bows* an amazing feat! what did u do for water, n toilet amenities?!

    21. Yes, the “big” questions do come to us in our early years — mine did to me 39 years ago! And it still helps to read wonderful poems and inspirational boosts to move us past sticky points. We are human — all too wonderfully. And by engaging in and relishing inspired writing, we can co-create our abilities to be our most magnificent in every moment. Thank you, Tara and Lori ~~[]

    22. I know right?! I’ve been plagued by spambots, and I was wondering if I should install a captcha plugin. Then I came across this animal captcha, advertised as protecting “your user registration and comments with a test of identifying two friendly animals (basic level)” and I simultaneously squee’d and geeked out and I installed it immediately.

    23. everton fans know i am right, moyes gets the most out of all his players, and its all graft with bits of skill, and as we showed at goodison, we outplayed you for most of the match, but then we let you in right at the end for an undeserved draw, as all neutral fans agreed.we will create lots of chances as before, but this time, we have better striking options, and more chance of converting them into goals, and that will mean trouble for everton, and happiness for us.come on you spurs.

    24. Boa noite Doutor!Desculpa sair do Post, mas gostaria de saber, na opinião do senhor, em uma eventual saída do Julio Cesar quem deveria assumir o gol do Corinthians, Danilo Fernandes ou Cássio?…….eu acredito, que embora o Danilo tenha feito boas apresentações, o Cássio se encontra mais preparado em virtude da experiência internacional, inclusive nas seleções de base…..Qual sua opinião Dr. Osmar???Abraço

    25. >Bra att det finns ett namn för det,gör det lite skojgare.Samlare är jag (har varit…) men har rensat massor av ögonskuggor och behÃ¥ller "bara" mina Macpaletter och mina ögonpennor.Jag har turen att kunna glädja tonÃ¥rsflickor med mina dÃ¥liga samveten men är nu medveten och köper inte en massa nytt bara för att det är kul,fynd eller sÃ¥. Viveka

    26. Å»e pewne elementy obu sÄ… zbieżne ,nie znaczy wcale,że sÄ… siÄ™ pokrywajÄ… w peÅ‚ni…Czyli religia jest przede wszystkim na okreÅ›lonÄ… indoktrynacjÄ™ nastawiona,podczas gdy etyka wyjaÅ›nia caÅ‚Ä… zÅ‚ożoność zachowaÅ„ spoÅ‚ecznych ,etc…SÅ‚owem: to nie jest to samo. Inaczej-to podobnie jakby chcieć wiarÄ™ w Boga z naukÄ… pogodzić…

    27. Hurrah for weirdos! Especially when they look as stunning as you, lovely Vix! The dress is fabulous. I'm liking the midi length, it's good to mix it up a bit and surprise people, and the colour and sparkle make it anything BUT mediocre. (As if you could ever be mediocre!)Love your collar, love your finds (shawl, earrings and maxi kilt most of all) and especially love you, oh wise woman who rants the truth! Have a great weekend. xxxxxxxxxx

    28. Je ne suis absolument pas complotiste mais j’ai remarquer que les cliché règne toujours autant quand à votre pseudo ridicule :  » leBGdu92  » aussi ridicule qu’il soit, je me demande qui est le mieux entre le beauf qui se cache derrière ce pseudo ou les conspirationniste nihiliste, difficile de faire un choix !!!……

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    31. glue m,As we consistently say, it’a fine line between mercenary and professional. Nobody can question the concept of a professional (volunteer) army, but seems that we’re crossing a divide here. It’s safe to say that no one will collect a bounty on any GHW Bush scions.BTW: how old are you, and have you considered joining? I still have Christmas bills to pay off. And contrary to popular belief, I know that some of my readers are outisde of my immediate family (!)Thank you,Jim

    32. "Do you think a woman impregnated by a rapist should be prosecuted for having an abortion?" the mighty trog"No, I don't." elrondAnd yet you'll vote for the people that support prosecuting women for having an abortion.In an effort to offer an equivalency, you bravely challange:"Is the current unemployment rate 7.8% or 15%?"So making your sister have her rapist's baby is somehow the equivalent of which unemployment stats you believe or not.I don't understand you mossy stumps. I admit it.

    33. I asked pretty much the same thing. The variance of velocity is a relatively easy metric to measure, whereas some of the other variables are not. Nick is essentially trying to take the shooter and equipment out of the equation, so to speak. One of the benefits of these studies could be that manufacturers take additional steps to increase the consistency of their velocity.

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    39. The AP didn’t make clear the fraud, perjury, and abuse of trust this settlement covers. Robosigning is all three rolled into one. By not describing exactly what was being settled, or the terms, the AP does a huge disservice to the public.For the record, this settlement doesn’t prevent individuals or states from suing over fraud. Nor does it prevent prosecutions.

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    4. This is such a brave post – and I am appalled by the policeman's attitude. It reminds me of a recent story about a New York Times article about a gang rape: the article as good as suggested the eleven-year-old victim dressed provocatively and, thus, was "asking for it". GAH!I love your attitude and I agree that this is what feminism is about. Choosing exactly what you want to do and wear and how you want to present yourself. It's not about disdaining all things feminine.And you look lovely in that photograph!xxx

    5. Y’a aussi le « si t’es pas content, tu as qu’à le faire toi même » ! C’est un peu ce qui moi m’a motivé.C’est facile de critiquer la façon de faire des autres, mais ferait-on mieux à leur place ? J’essaye de répondre à la question en tout cas et j’ai l’impression d’y arriver. Je pense que toi et Philippe êtes en bonne passe aussi 🙂

    6. Francuel, vc brocou, again. Lembro quando o personagem em tela (puta que pariu) jogava pelo Palmeiras e eu e minha queirida Pat torcíamos não pelo Palestra, mas pelo baiano retado. À época, a imprenza virulenta paulistana tentou colar a pecha de ‘maluco’ em nosso querido Alex. Chegamos a mandar uma carta ao bardo,a lertando-o para que o mesmo não comesse reggae. Não sei se ele leu. Parabéns, amigo. Só queria saber se esse tipo de texto chega ao conhecimento dos detratores, digo diretores, do meu/nosso time.

    7. Nous venons de rentrer d’un très humide et froid en Angleterre d’une semaine fantastique en restant dans le village Bedwin, c’est le paradis! Tout le monde si amical. Bien que nous soyons les plongeurs nous n’y sommes allés pour se détendre et faire de la plongée, mais sera certainement de retour l’année prochaine à plonger.

    8. Anti,Its the same Jays you know da. I have been a silent reader of your blog, but decided to chip in this time as the movie got to me. Would be believe me if I told you that I expected you to blog about it on Monday. I am just waiting for Sivaji movie to release to get your views. I am sure no matter how the movie turns out, all you will say is aah haa….ooh hoo. I know you are the big thalaivar fan. Call pannu da.

    9. It’s always important to remember where you came from if you’ve left the ‘hood. Even if in my family’s case it’s Tébéc (Texas as in Québéc). I don’t want to rip my own family, but I can think of a few members who are “houseworthy” for fleeing the city and forgetting their roots.I hope that never happens to me.

    10. Aggiornamento (18:10): La BBC ha pubblicato da poco la notizia che da domani 26 maggio Facebook attiverà per tutti i propri utenti una nuova serie di impostazioni di privacy più semplici.PALLE!!!!!! Poco fa mi è comparsa una schermata a riguardo e mi sono accorto che di default molti dati erano disponibili per tutti mentre io li avevo messi solo agli amici e basta.

    11. Jaclyn – I am going to make sure someone very close to me reads this. She is refusing to divorce her husband who has lied to her and emotionally abused her during their 20+ years of marriage – all because she fears the judgement from their church. Her husband is hiding behind his role in the church, too. I’m hoping your story may be one that may encourage her to seek God only in the matter (and not the view of others).

    12. I am glad the Deseret News left out the excommunication. I have had relatives and friends who died and who had been excommunication and some who had returned from excommunication, and the obituaries and life stories at the funerals usually did not mention that. I think that was a kindness to the family and to the deceased. I hope his passing is announced at conference as a former general authority–I think it will be.

    13. Guillaume a raison, la sortie de Stich, c’était la classe, lui au moins, quand c’est décidé, c’est terminé, et il n’en a pas fait tout un plat !Quand on pense qu’un mec aussi doué, avec des coups aussi splendides, n’a gagné qu’un GC ! S’il n’y avait que le talent pour être un champion, Stich aurait été un des grands !C’est là qu’on voit que Fed, derière le talennt, a bossé et surtout est obsédé par le tennis…ce que n’était pas Stich.

    14. وقته که دیگه فرهنگی نیسیم، یعنی زایش فرهنگی نداریم، چه سبزهامون و چه غیر سبزهامون. هیچ چیز منو از این جمله “هنر نزد

    15. Il y a quelques mois, Apple, qui n’a pas souhaité faire de commentaire,Belle pleutrerie de journaliste , ce « n’a pas souhaité ». Ça vous écorcherait le clavier d’écrire la vérité : « a refusé » ? Quitte à faire de la peine au dieu des geeks et de acheteurs de publicité ?Surtout que ça obéit à la règle numéro un du journalisme : faire court ?

    16. Correcto, aún ahora mismo acabo de asignarle otro, pero ya le digo que seguimos con retrasos en la asignación de referidos, pero al final siempre se acaban asignando. Lamento estos retrasos pero ya sabeis que en verano hay menos suscripciones, por eso espero que a lo largo de septiembre nos pongamos al día de nuevo.SaludosA Favor o En contra: 0  0

    17. Exciting. And I do have questions. The one on my mind at the moment is: given that there are already lots of churches in Leland, some even the same model as PC3, why add yet another? Besides, anyone in Leland (or anywhere else in the world) can already download the music and message from the website. So I think what has to be answered is what will be provided by this plant that is not already provided online or by existing Leland churches. Not that an adequate answer to this can’t be given; I just don’t know what it is.

    18. What is happening, at least as I see it, is that there are still some ties to things that matter, enough of a thread that we still feel some grounding. But I imagine in a hundred years (probably much, much sooner than that actually), these last threads will no longer exist. At that point humanity is shipwrecked and lost at sea. No way home. Sounds like hell actually. And this isn’t something I just pulled out of my arse. Been thinking about it for some time.

    19. I actually prefer the old design. Although I would prefer the choice of which design I use. Some of our clients have used the old design for so long I would hate for them to login and suddenly find changes. Changes mean training and I know some of my clients are so un-technical that training them would be a full time job. Maybe allow us, the developers to select which template to use in the config file or something.

    20. No te pongas a mis pies, que lo mismo te doy una patada en la boca. No me hagas la pelota, que nos conocemos, Angelito.No sabes lo que es “escribir de la hostia”, no me extraña. Te voy a decir yo lo que es “escribir de la hostia”. Entra en una librería bien surtida (quedan 4 o 5 en España) y abre, por cualquier página, un libro de alguno de los siguientes escritores: Virginia Woolf, Dostoievski, Tolstoi, Amos Oz, Alessandro Baricco, Nabokov, Vargas Llosa, García Márquez, Chejov, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Pasternak, William Styron, Salinger, Scott Fitzerald o Cela.Eso es “escribir de la hostia”, ¡COJONES!La sargento

    21. ian: no problem. Focus on things you can do and achieve and it should help you see your job in a different light. Leonard: in that environment, you can still do the little things that will make your day go by a little easier. The breaking up the day into little chunks method and getting out of the office once in a while, I personally find useful.

    22. Majestății Sale, Regelui Mihai I al RomânieiMajestate,Vă doresc sănătate, bucurii și împlinirea sufleteaască de a vedea revenirea României la istoria adevărată, la Monarhie, nu cea impusă de comuniștii de la Răsărit! Cred că ar fi o soluție pemtru țară, nu atât cât pentru imagine și prosperitate, dar pentru adevăr. Dacă România a condamnat Comunismul înseamnă că trebuie să condamne toate elementele care țin de comunism și în primul rând forma de guvernământ.Sper la o revizuire a Constituției în acest sens!La mulți ani!

    23. Yep. Been there, done that. I A favorite recipe (Roasted red pepper soup with tarragon) also calls for a pear, and it does wonderful things with the bitterness of the peppers. I can see how the sweetness of all your veggies would make the pear a bit redundant. By the way -*2 CUPS*- of heavy cream? Oh my!

    24. me suis fait traiter par vous d’inculte et de roi des cons. Cela ne m’affecte pas plus que cela, car je m’intéresse moins aux épithètes dont on m’affuble qu’aux réponses qu’on peut donner à mes questions. Or, il me semble qu’à ma manière naïve, je posais une vraie question, à laquelle vous n’avez donné aucune réponse, autre que l’invective et le sarcasme.

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    27. Related to myth #3, is it true that when filing a counter-notice against a false DMCA, the false filer will get contact details of the victim of the DMCA abuse?Related to myth #6, if a YouTuber A posts a video to which YouTuber B posts a video response including clips of YouTuber A in order to rebut, comment, and/or critique, is it true that YouTuber A has no right to flag YouTuber B's video?

    28. Non conosco esattamente le cifre del budget federale USA, ma, avendo studiato economia, sono preoccupato dalla tendenza generale a guardare troppo alla sopravvivenza di breve periodo e poco al medio-lungo periodo (cioè all'investimento sulle generazioni future o anche solo alla qualità della vita tra 10, 20 o 30 anni). È una tendenza che in alcuni settori sta rallentando o addirittura invertendosi, ma se il malato ha la febbre a 41, non c'è da gioire solo perché ieri l'aveva a 43… 🙁

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    32. I was *so* close! I noticed UNION JACK crossing FANNIE FLAGG and DENEB crossing BRENDA STARR, got very excited, and then asked “What was CAPTAIN KIDD’s first name? Was it perhaps OLIVER?” Darn, it’s William. Man, I was so *sure* that that was an important insight…Sigh. Right insight, wrong question. I’m pretty sure that if I had only carried on the pattern properly to note that OLIVER was, indeed, a KID, I would have pushed through to find BELL as the SCOT and then the meta answer.But I didn’t. Pop goes February for me…

    33. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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    37. Windows 7 x64 here. This build has problems with buttons (the windows-rendered buttons like "choose file…" etc. Go on any webpage where there's a button and the scrollbar will move but the page will NOT scroll and fail to render properly.It's irritating, especially on pages like your router's config page (lots of buttons there).

    38. ‘not able to…’ but i sure look forward to the next release. With the coming of Stetic it should be time for a 1.0 release.keep up the great work and this is a huge step in the work to an excellent ID for mono. That ID will attract more users then the release of Mono itself!

    1. You make some excellent points fuzzy slippers (love the screen name BTW).Obama doesn't seem to fit into any political categories–Democrat, Republican, Independent (oh wait, that one might be it. He's acting of his own accord).Even RT is being critical of him, especially for things such as his idea about Internet ID cards.At this point, political category to put Obama in. He's not fully Democratic, not fully Socialist and not Communist (or maybe a closet Communist).It sounds paranoid but I keep thinking of how Hitler objected to both Capitalism and Communism.

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